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28th-Feb-2020 10:02 pm - [[ FRIENDS ONLY ]]

I've decided to make this Journal FO from now on - previous entries and translations will remain public, and any further translations might be made public or kept to friend's only.
At any rate, if you'd like to be added please comment below - I'm more likely to accept/add if we have something in common. Thank you! C:
18th-Mar-2012 07:28 pm - Mushrambo tidbits
I was going through some doc files and happened to come across something I typed up way back in Jan of 2010 LOL. I guess I had intended to share them with fellow Mushrambo/Shinzo fans that might find them interesting, but guess I forgot or didn't think I should - but today I'll just go ahead and copy paste what I typed up lol. Hope some fan out there finds at least something in this of interest D:

Mushrambo differences: Original & dub

- Spellings in romaaji: Yakumo (ヤクモ), Mashura (マシュラ), Saago (サーゴ), Kuutaru (クータル), Mashuranboo (マシュランボー)

- Kutal and the three kittens are siblings, with Kutal being the oldest.

- The three kittens: Sanjuu, Sen, Rei

- Goubaku card = EnCard

- Matrixer = Enterran

- Earth = Enterra

- When any Matrixer powers up to their 'Hyper Form', they shout out 'Hyper Form!' before changing.

- Most of the time Mushra will yell out 'buchikireta ze!' (I've translated this as 'Now I'm pissed!!') when he's extremely angry, that triggers his hyper form.

- Mushra is very much in love with Yakumo, and is more evident in the original. Signs of Mushra's feelings 'awakening' is probably most evident in Ep 4 (the puppet show scene).

- The relationship between Mushra and Yakumo is developed more in the original version.

- Mushrambo = Mushra being the main piece to the transformation, since it's him who absorbs the cards of Kutal and Sago. So, Mushrambo = different person, but in essence, it is Mushra. (I guess most evident in the battle against Gyaza).

- Centre/Center = Shinzo

- Kutal uses Kansai-ben often (though this is more evident in the manga).

- In the episode that has the scene where Gyaza turns Yakumo to stone in front of Hyper Mushra, Mushra yells out Yakumo's name 4 times in under a minute lol.

- Yakumo's last name isn't Tatsuro, it's Shindou. (Shindou Yakumo / 神童八雲)

- Sago tends to mix English into his sentences. His speaking style most of the time is somewhat formal/standard polite.

- Both little Mushra and Hyper Mushra are voiced by the same voice actress, Minami Takayama.

- Mushra has quite the potty mouth. He also speaks really casually towards Yakumo (and everyone else), and uses no name suffixes.

- All Matrixers consider humans to be evil/demons (All except the heroes, of course).

- Yakumo was in cryogenic sleep for 300 years.

That's all I can come up with for now... There's bound to be others...

Brief thoughts on the second half of the series:

IMO Episodes 21 (last half of the series) onwards make no sense pretty much, and the atmosphere of the story itself seemed different to the beginning. As the second half of the anime progresses, it gets pretty depressing. To start off, I hated the fact that Mushra etc perished after the fight against Satan Mushrambo. It makes the first half/series seem like a waste of character and plot development, as everything pretty much starts from scratch after history gets re-written (also why is the same Yakumo from the first timeline still in the same state in the second? So, nothing happens to her while everyone else is affected?). Also, the history and development between Yakumo and Mushra especially went to waste, as well as the importance of the scene where she first met and rescued Mushra and the impact she/that made on him. Also, it was a waste to kill off Yakumo in the anime (whereas the manga gives her a different fate). In addition, I felt scenes where she steps in and rescues Mushra and co while travelling towards Lanancuras (sp) was a waste as well, as surely if given the chance to hyper form, they would've been able to defeat the enemies. Overall, it felt like everything was too rushed from ep 22 onwards, though despite the downsides of the last half of the series, it is an enjoyable & good story for the most part.
1st-Feb-2012 02:52 pm - Hello *echoes*
Wow, it sure has been a while since I last posted here. I've pretty much abandoned my live journal in favour of other blog-like sites... but I'll keep trying to make an effort at posting ranty rants here too :p I'm still pondering on whether I should leave this journal as friend's only or just partially...hmm.

Anyway...Firstly, happy (belated) 2012! :D

Umm, nothing much to report...I think? Had a somewhat rough start to the new year with my grandad suddenly passing away on the 8th, but things have gotten back to 'normal'... I'm graduating from animation school late Feb, so at the moment I'm just working on tweaking my portfolio and animation showreel (the latter which I've been putting off for a few weeks now orz), and applying for jobs at local studios. Hopefully I get a job soon! ;w; For the time being I'm offering commissions again, so yeah...

I haven't really been watching any anime lately, though I was quite into Fate ZERO, the first season ended a couple or so weeks ago, with IIRC the second season coming out in April...too long to wait and the ending of the first season ended at such an epic moment!

Other than that, I had started watching the 3rd season of Natsume Yuujinchou, though I got busy with other stuff and just kinda left it... I'll get back to it eventually lol. Also I've gotta catch up on Gundam UC too!

Another awesome series I watched near the end of last year was 'Tiger & Bunny', which is pretty much super-hero themed, but with a slight twist. I definitely recommend this, it's full of action, drama and a good dose of humour.

On another note, my Hagaren (FMA) manga collection is finally complete! :D For quite some time I only had up to vol26, though about 16 or so of my collection was sent to me by a close friend in Japan (the one who also sent me the last volume as an early birthday gift). Here's a pic (pardon the quality):

^^^^^^^^^^^^ Wheeeeee  (bottom row)

Gaming-wise, I've been getting back into RE5 after leaving it for a while, nearly finished Vet mode with my brother. I also finally got Black Ops thanks to the recommendation by a friend (namely about the Zombies side game). I haven't made much time to play it, I've only played about 1~1.5 hours?? It's more fun than I initially thought, though I do get RE5's controls mixed up ...lolfail.

So yeah, that's about it for now I think...!
31st-Jul-2011 07:36 pm - Mushrambo Manga
Just thought I'd make an entry here about this, so I can refer any fans to it I guess :p

I'm slowly working on this when I can find the time too, and I've completed the translation for the first chapter of the first volume, but as far as editing in the translation, I've only completed a section of chapter 1. There'll most likely be 3 parts (Cleaning it tedious work, and I haven't done much of a good job with it either :S Sorry).

So yeah! Any fans interested, check out the link here: bit.ly/nUza8g

Edit: New link (as of Jan 2012): http://tinyurl.com/6tqx4qh
/end edit

This is purely for fans who might be interested in reading the manga since a) it was never released outside of Japan (AFAIK anyway); and b) it's sold out/out of print. If the manga is ever re-printed or an English version is ever licensed, I'll remove the link.

I'll add this link to the Mushrambo translation page/entry here: krizy.livejournal.com/68477.html

Anyway, enjoy!
1st-Jul-2011 05:01 pm(no subject)
Rawr! I'm still around! Just not posting here as much. I really should update this journal....

I keep a number of blog/journal-type sites, so it's hard to keep up with them all sometimes (>A<;;

I started watching an "anime" called 'Tiger & Bunny' about a couple or so weeks ago. It seems like an epicly awesome series, so I plan on continuing that (btw 2 week holiday nao yus!). Gaming-wise, I'm addicted to RE5 :3 Namely Lost in Nightmare. Co-op is awesome.

Other than that... I dunno what else to say o_o; I just finished an insanely busy week directing (well, co-directing with a classmate) a 45 second animation. We had to direct a small group of 1st and 2nd year students. Was a...different yet somewhat enjoyable experience. Not a big fan of the stress near deadline time, though :p

Um...so yeah. I dunno who still reads my crap here... anyone? ._.''

*hears echo*


I was gonna rant about something, but I think I'll save that for another time :p
So much I wanna get done these holidays, but so little time ;A;
18th-Apr-2011 11:57 pm - Cabal Online
yotsuba gasp
Whoa it's been a while as usual...I dunno who reads this though (if anyone does read this, that is :S)...but er...anyway!

Last night I started playing a game that was recommended to me called Cabal Online, which is a free-to-play MMORPG.

Now, the closest thing to this I've ever played (other than the RPG's I've played on Playstation etc), is probably Diablo a number of years ago... but anyway, I never play MMORPGs let alone PC games :S (Well I play some PC games, but...you get what I mean right? :p)

Anyway, so after waiting about an hour for it to download, then install, I created my character, had a look around and got used to the interface, then...started levelling up. So far so good. I'm close to lv.15 - very close...I hope the sudden shut-down of the server (for emergency maintenance apparently) didn't lose my progress :(

I chose Warrior class, and designed my female character (from what choices are given...)

I took some screenshots when I remembered to, here's a few I thought were decent enough to post here :p

note her wardrobe is a bit er...trashy for my tastes but for now I can't do anything about that. I still like her as a character, though (not that she's very developed, also she doesn't exactly have a name yet, either...=A=;;;

[These are at 50% of original size - click to see full-size]







And lastly, a little bonus/omake...? :p A quick scribble I did of her (I really need to think of a better name for her orz): Photobucket
31st-Jan-2011 04:10 pm - HGUC RX-0 Unicorn Gundam complete!
yotsuba gasp
I finally got around to making that RX-0 destroy mode gunpla  I got for Christmas... ^^;
I took some pictures, but I still need to finish the sumiire (I'm about 50~60% done, I think).

With the RX-78 RG... I went back to him and made his weapons and shield,
I just have the core fighter to make then add the decals and do sumiire...

Ready for action! ...maybe =P

A few weeks or so ago, I got really hooked on these cute Mameshiba CM's.
Usually I'm not into overly cutsey things,

but this I'll make an exception for! (>w< wwwww

This is a keitai strap I got from here:  www.strapya-world.com/
Very decent pricing IMO and the shipping was so fast!!

I found a video on Youtube with someone showing it off:


Anyway, the Mameshiba website is here:


dogatch.jp/anime_kids/mameshiba/ (jp)

Ah, there's so many goods on the jp shop! ;A;

The eps are on the jp site, but I found I couldn't watch the Christmas special one...
The eps are on Youtube too, of course - Yay for Youtube!  <:D

Anyway, my favourite of course is  'Edamameshiba' (枝豆しば) from the 5th CM

I found and Eng sub of it at Youtube:


Ooh I just found a vid that has all 20 (I think) in one: (jp)


Other than that...
I wonder when the next Gundam UC ep will be out :D
I'm thinking of saving to buy the manga as well hmm...
I've started collecting Hokuto no Ken though ._.
Speaking of which, I finished watching HnK 2 a couple of weeks or so ago
Epic series...manly tears lol...
They don't make 'em like that anymore ;A;
Not that I've seen, anyway...

Project 'Red Frame' hasn't progressed much, but it will be completed ...this year! XD

I'm thinking of looking into MG kits...if I can build a RG, MG shouldn't be too bad right?
Well I'm making a PG with a friend, so er...I guess I'll be fine >A<;;

HG's are a bit more convenient though...size and price-wise... Hm...

I'd eventually like to get: (HG for now)

Akatsuki & Strike Rouge (Kagari's gundams)
Sinanju & Kshatriya (Gundam UC)
Maybe Char's Zaku RG...
Deathscythe (Gundam W)

There's prolly more but I think these are on the top of the list.
The Blade Liger Mirage (Zoids) looks pretty badass, but I dunno how I'd do making that lol
Quite pricey too...but still looks badass! I like Liger Zero too...but the other one I found online looked cooler...
Sorry Liger Zero lol... Ah Zoids...nostalgic lol. Chaotic Century was my fav... Raven and Riize are my fav characters,
but the Ligers always looked the coolest IMO...;;;;

A close friend and I are planning a trip, either start of next year, or the end...
Hopefully the start maybe...depends how much we can save ^^;;
Our plan is to go to Japan, then Korea, then back home =P
She's Korean, so she'll know how to get around her home country lol
I speak Japanese, hopefully enough to get us around Japan
I have quite a few friends around as well, so hopefully I can visit some of them while we're there :D

This trip would be the first time I've flown out of my country...
I'm kinda nervous because I've never travelled internationally
So I'm gonna ask around for as much advice and info as I can to make sure everything goes smoothly :S

Anyway... we're definitely gonna get some gunpla and manga X3

And of course plan to eat yummy food, go karaoke etc.
Korea seems like a fun place too :D
Apparently you can ring and order food to be delivered even at 2am!!
There's no such service over here lol


I'm just rambling now...orz
Class starts next week ;A; The holidays always go too fast! OTL


Ah lastly! I randomly started watching Keroro Gunsou (ケロロ軍曹) The other day, and I'm addicted already!
So funny! The Gundam references are so funny, too!
I like all the characters, but my favourite is Tamama and Giroro, then Keroro, Kururu and Dororo X3
I'm only up to about ep 26 though...got a long way to go...!
3rd-Jan-2011 08:43 pm - Whoa it's been ages!
Over 3 months or so?? Damn I've neglected my LJ too much

Firstly though, Happy New Year! (a bit late, oops) 2011 already...yet it feels like it's only half-way through 2010 to me... =A=;;

Anyhow...I felt like writing here...

I made tumblr etc and other various accounts and blogs, trying to keep things separate and organised, but in the end all it's creating is more work and even confusion as to what I post where, some I don't think I even need anymore orz...ah I dunno.


I guess I could post some gundam pics, kinda old, but the most recent Gundam pics of mine.

I got the RX-78 NT-1 Alex a couple or so months ago, along with some proper Gundam markers and a better clipping tool.

Here's the completed Alex, which took about 2 or so hours?? to make...I'm slowly improving lol. This is before the sumiire:



And after the sumiire:


Also, a little while back, I finally got around to making the RX-78-2 RG :]
It's still not 100% complete though...after I finish making the rest, I gotta stick all on all those tiny decal stickers and then do the sumiire :S


My recent addition is the HG RX-0 unicorn gundam (destroy mode) that I got for Christmas :3


I still haven't made him yet :S That's on my 'to do' list over the holidays...

I'm also doing a 'project' with a close friend of mine, she's also into Gundam :D She got a bit carried away though I think, as she got a Perfect Grade model when she was overseas (@A@;;;

Now it's like going HG straight to PG =A=;;;;
RG wasn't too bad so I guess that's sort of like preparing to move onto PG?? LOLIDK <:I

This is the one here:


I've named our little project : 'Project Red Frame' :p
A suitable name if you ask me (`=/)=) kuku....

Anyway...dunno when we'll get that done...hopefully before class starts, which is Feb 7...Gah it seems so close ;A; Yet it feels like my holiday only just begun :S

I've got craploads I wanna get done/work on (damn you procrastination! orz) including but not limited to :p

-Making gundam!
-Drawing and finishing WIPs
-Finish watching Hokuto no Ken 2 (halfway there! Hokuto is awesome btw!)
-Translate stuff I need to work on @_@
-CG modelling practice

And a whole heap of other things =.=;;; I want to eventually start commissions @ deviantArt, so I gotta get myself sorted... Anyway yeah...busy busy! Hopefully I won't be sick anymore for a while (I was sick first week of holiday, then again with something else just after Christmas that I just got over a couple of days ago fffff =A=)

That's about it...I think...so much more I wanna ramble on about, but...I'll stop here :p

All the best for 2011...!
4th-Sep-2010 09:06 pm - Gunpla GET!
My RG and Zaku II Kai arrived the other day <:D

I made the Zaku that night, but I think I'll leave the RG for now...I wanna get better snipping tools for it, this is one model I don't wanna screw up, especially since I've only ever made 2 gunpla so far... The Zaku wasn't too bad for my first HG, though definitely a step up from that chibi Wing Zero lol. I'm hoping to get the Alex (RX-78 NT-1) next, along with some Gundam markers for sumiire (eep), and I think I should try and get some topcoat or w/e, since it seems it's best to use this on a finished model (and I especially don't want the RG to get messed up or anything :S)

So like last time, I took some pics XD;;;

[click to enlarge]

Other than that... I've been busy with class as always...totally looking forward to the holidays in a few weeks time, although I have a lot of other stuff I need to work on/get done >_>;; I feel pretty groggy today after getting a chill from staying outside in the cold and rain yesterday evening for nearly 2 hours, waiting for someone to come home since I had forgotten my key =_=;;;; At least my temperature's gone down orz

Peace Walker is pretty awesome! I think I've adapted enough to the gameplay/controls, and so far playing missions isn't too difficult, though I must admit the armoured vehicle (first 'boss') proved to be pretty hard :/ I beat it eventually though... :S I've still been listening to Heavens Divide quite a bit...whenever I hear it, it instantly reminds me of everything Snake went through in MGS3, and everything leading up to him creating Outer Heaven... All for The Boss... (TAT;;
28th-Aug-2010 11:24 am - GUNDAAAAAM <:D
It feels like it's been forever since I last posted here. Damn you RL and procrastination! >_>;;;


So lately I've gotten into a hobby that I never thought I'd be interested in. Gundam models/Gunpla/ガンプラ

o_o I know right? Anyone who knows me would be surprised too I guess :p

I'm a big Gundam fan (though still don't consider myself one of those hardcore fans), but getting a model kit never really crossed my mind...

until I saw one in a shop a week or so ago. The purpose of going to this shop was to help a friend pick out a present for some friend of his, and another friend who was with us at the time pointed out the model kits on display (that I never really took notice of 'til now). So I started looking through them, to see if I knew any of the models. Most of them were from Gundam 00 which I've not seen, so I skimmed past those 'til I caught sight of a chibi Wing Zero Custom XD It was considerably cheaper than the bigger models, but for some reason I felt compelled to get it since I thought the price was decent (though now realise that they're sold for much less in Japan, d'oh). Anyway, I bought it o_o At first I didn't realise that they're in pieces that you have to cut out and put together (I just saw it and thought' auw it's so chibi and cute blah blah'), but still, I thought why not, I'll give one of these things a try lolidk :p

So as soon as I got home, I put it together. A friend advised me to use nail clippers, so I did >_>

I then took random pics of it in various poses |D

(click to see bigger version)

Target acquired...

Locked-on target!

Heero, you look pale...(lol

Mission accomplished...

*ahem* anyway... :I

It was surprisingly fun, so I went hunting around for some other Gundam kits that seemed of interest...

Btw, I know he's looking pretty 'naked' there, because of a) unpainted bits, especially pale looking Heero; and b) I found out about sumiire/panelling afterwards, so yeah... I actually tried to do the sumiire, but er...yeah...('=A=;;; I need a proper gundam marker and more practice. It's trickier than it looks!


So moving along... I was hunting online/googling stuff etc, looking for the NT-1 Alex and MS-06FZ Zaku II (Chris and Bernie... |D) from 0080, but then I found out about the 'Real Grade' of the RX-78-2 somewhere...and thought it was pretty awesome, sooo that got added to my wishlist orz (btw I only get models that I know and like)

I found one site that had the Zaku and the RG in stock but not the Alex, then another who had everything, but i) I don't have enough right now to get all 3, and ii) the first site I mentioned has like 30% off Gundam models...so yeah...I did all the calculating etc that I could think of to see which is the best option to choose ^^:;;; In the end, I decided to get the RG and Bernie's Zaku from the first site (HWJapan), and because I'm a bit iffy about having (especially) the RG sent through SAL, I chose EMS, which bumped the price up to even more than the Zaku and RG put together TAT;;; But I guess it's worth it ...for peace of mind? >_<;;; IDK Then, next week or the week after, I'll order the Alex and some Gundam markers/nippers from the second site (HSJapan) and might get that EMS too...urgh decisions, decisions :/

But yeah...I'm actually looking forward to getting them! I originally just wanted the Alex (mainly because I'm trying to model it in 3D), and having the actual model at hand does make things a bit easier I guess... then THIS. I've ordered 2 kits and neither are the Alex!


Oh well ... I'll get the Alex eventually...soon hopefully. Then I'll try and refrain from getting anymore for now *ish broke* <:'(
Although I have a list of ones I'd like to get...someday...in the future...when I has more monies...

I Youtube'd for gundam stuff as well (such as RG reviews, opinions on online shops etc), and was surprised how many people upload vids of themselves unpacking their parcels... o_O Like...why? I don't get it >_<; I guess that's vblogging?? *shrug* I have no interest in doing that sort of thing, but I found it somewhat amusing...just the unpacking from the parcel it arrived in...not putting it together or anything. Oh well, no harm in doing it I guess. :p One vid I saw though in particular, was of someone unpacking her (quite a few) parcels, that had some pretty awesome model kits, though I wonder if she's actually completed any/all of them o_o, but on her profile she made it clear that she's not Otaku. Well lady, you buy crap loads of Gunpla, some of which you even say is impulse buying, and you're obviously that big of a Gundam/mecha fan so yeah, you're so totally otaku - a Gunpla otaku, that is. :v

Oh, while I'm at it - Gundam Unicorn! I started watching that...or rather, I randomly read up about it then watched the first ep, and it seems like a really awesome series. I think I like the UC timeline gundam series more than the more recent ones...hmm... Anyway, the last bit where the RX-0 fights was pretty epic IMO. I like how they integrate 3DCGI into the animation as well. The scene where it's transforming into destroy mode especially was impressive. Looking forward to ep2! (only 6 episodes though? *sob*). I think I'll give Gundam 00 a miss... I dunno, it just doesn't seem as appealing...*shrug*. Also I like how Gundam UC has that ...I dunno, somewhat old school feel to it...the drawings? Not the quality, but I guess the way the faces are drawn? Since the bodies etc are just like in pretty much any other gundam anime. I've seen people complain, and I'm like 'what the hell?? there's nothing wrong with how it's drawn'. I think the designs, art and animation are perfect the way they are, not to mention really impressive. It was enjoyable to watch. Personally, I don't really like the style the faces are drawn in SEED/DESTINY... something just seems a bit off. I still like Cagalli and Athrun, but I dunno... I think I like the way Chimaki-sensei drew them in The Edge manga more. [/rant]

I dunno where I'm going with this now lol....so I think I'll change topic.

I got this in the mail yesterday:

BbS ultimania and the War in the Pocket novel <:D

After being worried I'd never be able to get a copy of either since the ultimania is sold out at Amazon Japan and there's only one copy of the 0080 novel in stock there, I went searching online... I found one ultimania on ebay, where the seller noted that it's sold out in Japan ( me = O_O!), so I thought this was the only option, but then I remembered this other bookstore in Japan that ships internationally, BK1, so I had a look there, and whadya know, it was in stock! Along with the novel. So, because I didn't want to wait and find that both end up out of stock/print, I ordered both =.=;;;; Again, because I was unsure about the SAL (I dunno why, since now that I think about it, I've had other items come through SAL just fine so far), so I got EMS...urgh. I was a bit iffy also because I've never bought anything from BK1, but now I think they're pretty good. I might consider getting more things from them... though if it gets too heavy, I wonder if it's better sticking with Amazon Japan...*shrug*. The shipping is like ¥2700 (I think?) for a shipment from Amazon, but there's ¥300 on each item as well, so I wonder which would be better to stick with... :I

I've read a bit of the novel (haven't had time/made time to read it, I already have 101 things I need to get done TAT), and the prologue starts off in the winter of 0079 and the Cyclops team, then it goes on to 'how many miles to the battlefield', and so on... As you can see it's quite small, but it's like just over 200 pages. There are a couple of drawings at certain points in the novel as well, so maybe I'll scan 'em sometime...

I think I'll get the manga too...gah, dammit. DX

Lastly...! (sorry, so much ranting, I know orz)

I've started MGS Peace Walker. I'm not that good at MGS despite being a big fan of the games/story. >///<
I need to finish MGS3 (I'm only up to the Fear fight, normal mode...I never play easy mode |D), but I guess since I already know everything that happens, it's kinda effected the level of eagerness? to finish the game, but I will finish it! (I don't wanna fight the last boss though...you know why, right? ._. ) I do wanna play the first MGS, though. I remember I'd play the demo on the PS (years ago) over and over (IIRC it'd end after finding the DARPA chief) . I've just started Peace Walker, so I'm not very far into the game, but it's pretty enjoyable so far! It's cool taking the soldiers out with CQC then Snake aiming his gun and saying 'freeze!' XD I never tried this in MGS3...I'd always either tranq them or knock them out with CQC <:D Anyway, in PW the soldiers wake up too easily though...(or maybe it's always like this? lol)  =_= Oh, and the Fulton recovery system is awesome! XD It's amazing how you can send one enemy soldier off and the others nearby don't even notice lol. I like that this game includes The Boss in the storyline... I wanna see more of her and Big Boss interact ...They're both kickass characters. .Big Boss's story really is quite tragic....

My top 5 MGS characters would prolly be (Protagonists, rather)

1) Big Boss/Naked Snake
2) The Boss  (well, they're both my top fav, but gah it's hard to decide x_x)
3) Solid Snake
4) Meryl Silverburgh (I don't agree with who she ended up with at the end of 4, though)
5) Raiden/Jack

Ahh but I think I'm warming up to Kaz...so I dunno, he can stay at #6 for now, though XD

The theme 'Heavens Divide' is quite nice, despite my initial opinion of it when I first heard it in the PW trailer ages ago. The lyrics are so like Big Boss... IMO Snake Eater's lyrics are like what The Boss is conveying to Snake, and Heavens Divide is what Snake is conveying to The Boss... Kojima-san always has such appropriately fitting and deeply emotional(?) yet awesome theme songs for each MGS game...

Um, anyway,  so...I think that's all for now. >_<;
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